Looking for a beta

Just finished my fic for the SPN_J2_Xmas exchange. But I'd like to have it betaed before posting it. Any volunteers?
Will admit, it's a shameless dub-con pwp involving tentacles*g*

Dean/CreatureCas pairing.
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[Fic] Things - Dean, stream of consciousness, 11x01 tag

Title: Things
Genre: gen, stream of consciousness, 11x01 tag
Character: Dean
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~900
Summary: except here's Sam, tugging at things and making sure no one gets left behind, not the monsters not Dean and Sam starts making his case against Winchester exceptionalism but by this point Dean’s pretty sure he’s not here because of some woeful privileged misjudgment on Sam's part he's here because Sam won’t give up on literally anything, not even the monsters
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[Fic] A New Kind of Dead

Title: A New Kind of Dead (AO3)
Author: justmep2
Characters: Dean, Sam, Crowley
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Gen (Can be read as Wincest if you like, won't bother you if you don't)
Warning: none
Rating: PG-13
Word-count: 1,219
Spoilers: 9.23 Do You Believe In Miracles.
Disclaimer: Wish they were mine.
Summary: (SPOILERS for the finale!) Usually when he's unconscious he's, well, unconscious. Not hearing everything, being aware but not able to respond. And usually when he's dead, he's pretty damn dead.
Author's Note: I watched the finale. Then I wasn't coherent enough to write a reaction, so I wrote a fic instead. A quick, angsty character study of Dean (shocking, I know). A missing scene, of sorts.

Story can be read on LJ or AO3
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[Fic] Instructions - Dean and himself, Mary, Sam, 9x18 "Meta Fiction" tag

Title: Instructions
Genre: gen, lowkey horror-H/C-fabulism
Characters: Dean and himself; Mary, sort of; Sam, sort of
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1350
Summary: Dean, caught in a maelstrom. A list of instructions on how to get through the night. 9x18 "Meta Fiction" tag.
Notes: Written for juppschmitz's prompt at the Dean-centric S9 comment!meme.

1. Find the norco on the table. Use as directed. In the absence of direction--e.g. if you've found it on the kitchen table and its owner, that is, the name on the bottle, that is, the owner of the fake name on the bottle, is nowhere to be found--improvise.
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Fic: Hail Mary (1/1)

Title: Hail Mary
Author: justmep2
Characters: Dean, Sam. Mentions of Mary, John
Genre: Gen, Angst
Pairing: None
Warning: PTSD
Rating: PG-13
Word-count: 1,048
Spoilers: Coda to 9x07 Bad Boys
Disclaimer: Wish they were mine.
Summary: Dean never stopped talking after his mom died. Not really.
Author's Note: Dean broke my heart in 9x07 as he usually does, but it wasn't until the very end of the episode that this bunny came to sit on my lap and refused to leave. Dean knew how to make Timmy's mom ghost disappear and told Sam it was just a hail Mary, that he just got lucky. Not if you ask me.
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[Fic] Method - gen, Stanford!era; Dean, OFC, eau de John; Dean-as-bait

Title: Method
Genre: gen, Stanford!era (Dean is 23), flashback vignette
Characters: Dean (POV), OFC, eau de John
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2300
Summary: On a hunt with John and an old babysitter cum hunter, Dean plays victim to lure out the monsters. It hurts.
Notes: Written for skeletncloset's prompt at the Dean-centric S9 comment!meme, as well as an anon prompt at hoodie_time's 2012 summer-themed comment!meme. Oh, don't look at me like that!

But he's twenty-three now, and out of practice. He's not used to this kind of helplessness.
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[Fic] and the forests will echo with laughter - outsider!POV, Dean, Sam; horror, 9x18 tag

Title: and the forests will echo with laughter
Genre: gen, horror, outsider POV, the distant relative of a 9x18 tag
Characters: outsider narrator, his family, Dean, Sam
Concepts: 2x03's crossbow story, Purgatory, 9x11's "If your Daddy could see you now"
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1100
Summary: When the Winchesters track down Heaven's back door, the whole world echoes with the sound of that thunder.
Notes: The distant relative of a proper response to this prompt, at biketest's S9 Dean-centric comment!meme, which rocks my world: "As Dean spends more time apart from the blade since holding it for the first time, he begins to notice his moodiness and amped up aggression, but can't ever seem to do anything about it. And then he goes a little too far while on a case..." Original, unedited version posted here. Title from Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven," of course.

They were the kind of names you yell. The kind of name that carries distances, rips out of your body. They're names you know you're gonna have to scream.

Last Resort - 10/?, Dean/Sam/Cas in all possible combinations, R

Title: Last Resort

Author: dreamsofspike

Beta: choose2live

Spoilers: AU from “Goodbye Stranger”; no spoilers after “The Great Escapist”

Pairing: Sam/Dean/Cas in all possible combinations; story centers around Dean/Cas relationship, but mostly friendship; lots of Sam/Dean and Sam/Cas, as well

Rating: R

Warnings/Content Notice: graphic torture/violence, non-con elements (see Spoiler cut for more details), hurt/comfort, Wincest; beloved characters, in character (hopefully), but still doing some possibly very hard-to-read things

Words: Whole Story, 31,173; Chapter, 3700

Disclaimer: No recognizable characters are mine; not for money, just for fun ;)

Summary: After Castiel disappears with the angel tablet, the Winchesters receive some very upsetting news. It seems that once again, Cas has fallen in with the wrong side, and is part of a plan that will end with the end of the world. The clock is ticking, and there’s only a few short days to stop this dangerous plan from reaching its conclusion. But getting Cas to admit what he’s doing and stop the course he’s on may take Dean down a path he swore he’d never go down again, and leave Team Free Will shattered, even if the rest of the world is saved.

Previous Chapters

A distant part of Sam’s mind was aware that his clothes were going to be forever stained with the blood and ash from Cas’s burnt wings and broken body.

But Dean was already covered in it, Sam thought as a cold ache settled in his chest. It was only right that he should be as well.

"Home for Christmas" - Dean/Cas, G, no warnings

Title: Home for Christmas
Beta: unbetaed, but thanks to the lovely, awesome choose2live for her support and feedback, as always :)
Pairing: Dean/Cas; also TFW
Rating: G
Words: 5000-ish
Warnings: none
Spoilers: mild spoilers through 9.3-ish
Disclaimer: No previously recognizable characters or plot points are mine.
Summary: It's Cas's first Christmas as a human... but Dean isn't much for Christmas these days. Perhaps a little nudge from Sam can help Dean and Cas both find the perfect gift. ;)

Written for: ladyoneill

As Sam had said… this was Cas’s first Christmas.

And he was going to spend it holed up in this bunker – warm and safe but plain and empty, no decorations, no presents, no special holiday meal – watching old movies while Dean looked after Sam, who was feeling better all the time and didn’t even particularly want to be looked after.

Yeah, Dean… The voice of Dean’s own thoughts sounded suspiciously like Sam at the moment. Occasionally, you massively suck.