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Fic: Saving People (3/?) Chapter Three: Brady - Dean Fanfiction Archive
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Fic: Saving People (3/?) Chapter Three: Brady
Series: Saving People
Title: Saving People
Author: yalumesse
Rated: T
Words: ~9K (WIP)
Characters/Ships: s10!Dean, Castiel, s1!Dean, s1!Sam, Jessica, John; Sam/Jess, future background Destiel
Warnings: Some gore/violence, no more than on the show.
Summary: Fixit verse: Dean and Cas time travel back to the pilot to save first Jessica, then everyone else.

Chapter 3: Brady

Chapter Summary:
Dean's a bit creeped out by his future self, and saving people? Is a lot easier than it sounds when the person's been possessed for years. Plus there's the whole not giving away your game thing, and the angel's going on about a war...
Dean thinks